Driving is really about managing your time and space

In order to drive defensively, you must manage the road space around your vehicle. You can do that by controlling your space, proper car position in a lane as well as a good communication with other road users.

The concept of keeping a safe distance from the vehicles ahead of you is so crucial. The more space you allow between your car and the other vehicles  the more time you should have to see a hazards on the road and avoid it ! You should increase your following distance in bad road conditions, when following a motorcycle, cyclists, pull a trailer, and carry a heavy load trucks. This rules apply to the sides and the back of your vehicle. We advise do not drive in someone’s blind spot where they may not see you when you change lanes. If you see someone is following to close brake lightly a few times to warn him, slow down, or pull over and let him pass you or change lane whenever it is safe to lose the tailgater.