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Every driver has a story. So do we. Dive into the heart of Clover Leaf Driving School and discover our passion, dedication, and commitment to every learner.


The story of Clover Leaf Driving School started when I immigrated to Canada as a refugee about 30 years ago, with my husband and five children.

Unfortunately, it was not long after that I found myself alone as a single mother, still trying to settle into British Columbia.

I had to deal with a great amount of stress and struggled as I worked to keep the family together. I worked multiple jobs and eventually decided to go to school to improve myself.

Sometime later, only a few days before I was supposed to visit my family in Syria, tragedy struck. My loving mother, who was a hard-working chief executive nurse, and my 9-year-old niece were both killed by a reckless driver as they were crossing the road.

Their deaths left me feeling misplaced and heartbroken. I made a resolution from that point on to try and prevent such deaths, by educating drivers on how to be more responsible, which is why I founded Clover Leaf Driving School.

My mother loved plants and the calming sense of ritual they provide. Similarly, plants have given me peace, newfound motivation, confidence and the ability to refocus on my family and my career.

Now, I spend my time helping people to become better, and therefore safer drivers.

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At Clover Leaf Driving School, our mission is more than just teaching driving—it’s about fostering a lifetime of safe journeys. We are here to guide you at every turn, helping you become a driver who is not just skilled, but also responsible and considerate. Through tailored programs and individualized attention, we ensure you embark on the road with confidence, knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to safety.

Welcome to Clover Leaf Driving School

Welcome to Clover Leaf Driving School —where we don't just teach driving, we empower journeys. As we drive ahead, we invite you to join us in making every journey, every turn, and every stop a safe one.

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Student-Centric Approach: Your success is our passion. We listen, we understand, and we provide the tools you need to achieve your driving goals.

Integrity: We operate with honesty, ensuring our students receive the highest standard of education.

Innovation: We continuously adapt and evolve, integrating the latest in driving techniques and technologies.

Mutual Respect: Every interaction is rooted in respect, understanding, and collaboration.

Excellence in Service: From the first lesson to the last, we prioritize your experience, ensuring it is seamless, supportive, and enriching.

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