Every instructor has a journey, just as every driver does. Delve into the core of Clover Leaf Driving School’s team and uncover our fervor, devotion, and unwavering dedication to each and every student.

Nahed | President & Owner of Clover Leaf Driving School

President & Owner


Meet Nahed, President & Owner of Clover Leaf. Nahed is one of our most distinguished Driving Instructors in the business. She is recognized for her impeccable and exceptional track record of carrying her new learner drivers and students under her wing all the way to the finish line.

Nahed is truly passionate about teaching and helping her students. She also possesses compassion and empathy for all people with different nationalities. She is dedicated to providing special care to everyone, especially newcomers to Canada.

Mastering the road and passing a driver’s test can be a big challenge for most students, but with Nahed you can be rest assured that you will be empowered behind the wheel and to pass your driver exam!

Owner & General Manager


Meet Moe, Owner & General Manager of Clover leaf. Moe’s dedication to his students is demonstrated in every lesson. It was Moe’s passion for cars and driving that motivated him to transition careers from the finance industry to a driving instructor. A decision that has brought him immense gratification. Having been in the industry as an educator for over a decade, his greatest pride is his 98% success rate.

Moe’s passion is built on the success and achievements of his students. He believes the key to safer roads are confident and responsible drivers. To ensure students achieve maximum retention, Moe maintains a calm demeanor, open communication and an encouraging attitude. Since becoming a driving instructor,

Moe’s ultimate goal is ensuring his students are equipped with the necessary skills, safety first mindset and confidence to best prepare them for a successful outcome.

Moe | Professional Driving Instructor at Clover Leaf Driving School