Clover Leaf Driving School
1687 Smith Ave. Coquitlam, BC. V3J 2Y4


Welcome to Cloverleaf Driving School, where safety meets excellence in driver education. At Cloverleaf, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and effective learning experience for all our students. Our policies are designed to ensure a secure and supportive environment, fostering responsible and skilled drivers.



      1. Fees: $149.00 per 2 hours.
        Each Driving Lesson is a minimum of 2 hours – (120 Minutes).
        Each Road Test Session is a minimum of 1 hour, including 45-minute warm-up.
        Each Driving Lesson will have a minimum of 110 minutes practice time.
        For more detailed pricing on training packages and vehicle rentals, please click HERE.

      1. If you wish to cancel a driving lesson, we require 24 hours notice, otherwise a cancellation
        fee of $75.00 will be assessed.
        2a. Note: For cancelling a road test appointment made by Clover Leaf Driving School,
        we require 72 hours notice, as we must notify ICBC. Failure to give Clover Leaf
        Driving School sufficient notice may result in the student having to pay a $25.00 Road
        Test Cancellation Fee to ICBC.

      1. Payment must be made no later than the end of each driving lesson or road test session. There
        will be no refund for driving lessons or road test sessions that have taken place.
        If the student has pre-paid for driving lessons or a road test session, there will be no refund
        given in cases of insufficient notice of cancellation (see section 2 and 2a above).

      1. Students must provide a valid BC Learners Drivers Licence or Drivers Licence, including
        foreign drivers’ licence before the first lesson. Students must carry their licence at all times
        during training.

      1. There will be a maximum of 2 people (Student & Driving Instructor) in the Clover Leaf
        Driving School vehicle during the student’s lesson time.

      1. Road Tests can be booked either by the student or by Clover Leaf Driving School. The
        student must sign a consent and release form before Clover Leaf Driving School may book a
        road test on their behalf. Students must be in an active training program, taking driving
        lessons, within 90 days of a road test booked by Clover Leaf Driving School, or Clover Leaf
        Driving School reserves the right to cancel any road test appointments it has made.

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